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clear communications

and strong marketing through compelling stories.

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This is me

I'm a storyteller first and foremost. Without a compelling story, even the most stellar communications and marketing planning will not matter. This means not just answering who is your audience, but why, how and where are they receiving your story, as well. As a writer with over two decades of experience, I love bringing stories to life with clear communications and focused marketing.

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I create marketing and communication works grounded in strong narrative.

I have an active imagination - which hasn't changed from the time I was a fashion-challenged cowboy at the age of 4. Over time, I understood what Stephan Moffat, a well-known television writer and producer means when he says, "we're all stories, in the end".


A story is more than imagination, however. It is the foundation by which minds are opened, possibilities are considered, and decisions are made. This is, by far, the most important component of any successful marketing or communications program.


I love to create, write and work with teams who love to get things done. With well over two-decades of experience, I am living proof that the things we are best at are the things we love to do.


The three principals to every narrative, marketing and communications job I work on are:

Clarity - clear, consistent and actionable

Authenticity - messages and content that is true to both the creator and the receiver

Relevance - marketing and communications that support the needs of stakeholders

I would welcome the opportunity to partner with you on a specific project or long-term plan.

Thank you!

Anything but 
the same old story

I am grateful for the opportunity to create stories, communications and marketing that have helped teams, organizations and individuals. Here are a few examples of projects I led.


Telling an authentic patient story. 


Communicating during a transformation.


Marketing to a saturated customer base.

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