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Clarity, authenticity and relevance.

The foundations of any great story and the beginning of any successful marketing and communications strategy.

Telling an authentic patient story

Before Surgery

In a competitive, saturated and skeptical healthcare market, I worked with a team to refocus a tech-heavy healthcare positioning into a more authentic patient-centric story that related to all stakeholders in her care journey - from family caregivers on through nurses, physicians and post-treatment.

Like any good story, we started with the three-act structure:

  1. Act 1; citing the problem and inciting incident in the setup - a specific healthcare crisis with a family member;

  2. Act 2: reflecting the conflict and confrontation of a complex, frustrating and difficult healthcare system;

  3. Act 3: solving the challenge in the resolution via an interconnected system of data and information that flows between patient, caregiver and provider and the tools and resources available to them.

This story provided a robust foundation for various marketing campaigns, including Key Opinion Leader forums, webinars, plenary sessions, collateral development and brand expression.

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