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Clarity, authenticity and relevance.

The foundations of any great story and the beginning of any successful marketing and communications strategy.

Transformation Communication

Quick Sync

More companies are actively involved in one or more transformations than ever before. At the same time, employees are reporting burnout and disengagement at higher levels. 

During a major transformation, I worked with communication teams, globally and locally, to focus on effectively communicating the what, why, how, when and where of an ongoing transformation starting with the story - doing what is best for our customers.

Good communication requires, at a minimum:

  1. Active listening - we set up virtual "fireside chats" to make sure all employees understood the transformation and what it meant for them, but more importantly, an opportunity to have honest, ongoing dialogue.

  2. Clear intention - our communications always started with the business intention, grounded in a clear mission and vision for the company in real, understood language, not "corporate speak". 

  3. Empathy - often overlooked, this important skill requires an understanding first of what it is, why it is important and how to develop it so that communications can be authentic and relatable. 

Effective communication, particularly with respect to challenging subjects or times, requires patience, clarity and persistence. It begins with a simple and relatable story -driven by those who are going to receive it.

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