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Clarity, authenticity and relevance.

The foundations of any great story and the beginning of any successful marketing and communications strategy.

Marketing in a saturated market

Car Lot

The automotive industry often lives by the margins and loyalty is paramount to long-term customer value.

I worked with sales to develop effective marketing strategies to stand apart from the competition and leverage people, process and technology to drive digital and personalized marketing.

Marketing relevance requires:

  1. A thorough understanding of both customer needs and the reasons behind those needs, in this case, not just service but proactive outreach that is trustworthy and consistent.

  2. Concise, clear messaging around product, service and specific people, in both traditional and digital formats.

  3. Consistent marketing and education that is relevant to their specific decision journey - even after a purchase is made.

This marketing strategy allowed for a simple, yet focused understanding of three main personas during the purchasing decision, their individual needs and rationale for those needs, and finally, expectations for long-term customer value. 

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